Who are we looking for?

Young, active people. Volunteers, willing to engage in politics, education, business, science, ethics. Entrepreneurs, professionals and students. Humans and aliens.

Strategy Management:

PR Department

Public relations specialists establish and maintain relationships with Juvenile Business Society Europe’s target audience, the media and other opinion leaders. Responsibilities include designing communications campaigns, writing news releases and other content for news, working with the press, arranging interviews for company spokespeople, writing speeches for company leaders, acting as an organisation’s spokesperson, preparing clients for press conferences, media interviews and speeches, writing website and social media content, managing company reputation (crisis management), managing internal communications, and marketing activities like brand awareness and event management.

HR Department

Human resources are the people who make up the Juvenile Business Society Europe’s workforce.

This department performs human resource management, overseeing various aspects of employment, such as compliance with labour law and employment standards, administration of employee benefits, internal communication and culture, and aspects of recruitment and dismissal.
Operating management:

Project Department

One of the of the most significant and impactful roles in Juvenile Business Society Europe. Projects empower our ambitions and are the executive force on our way to accomplishment. Once there is a vision – projects are the way to go.

Activity Department

Attending presentations, meetings, meetups, seminars and conferences scaling from regional to international dimensions, rewards an open space for networking, co-working, closing partnership deals, hiring volunteers and experts, advisors and advocates, or raising funds. Activity tasks usually include detailed research, preparation and the completion of Juvenile Business Society Europe’s own delegations with various purposes, operating worldwide.

Partnership Department

Collaborating closely with the PR Department teams of members and volunteers, aimed at settling up meetings, looking for suitable partners amongst NGOs, political and business organisations and foundations, securing certifications, developing and offering ways for mutual cooperation between Juvenile Business Society Europe and external parties.

Finance Department

Responsible mainly for fundraising, indirectly manages all internal financial operations in Juvenile Business Society Europe concerning Project –, Partnership-, and Activity- funding, PR and HR strategies, spending, taxes and income. Positions are open for a limited number of candidates selected by the by the board of directors or the internal organization committee.


  • attendance of international conferences with limited access
  • Individual and collective development in professional sphere
  • Worldwide managing and executive experiences
  • High-profile networking opportunities
  • Life-long Social engagement reference

And other.

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