We are privileged.

To be born, to live, to be raised and situated where we are.

We would like to shake out of complacency and move forward. We would like to see young people begin chasing their dreams and not stop at the first confrontation.

Digital Imperialism is about to prevent politics from solving the serious problems of the world. We need to act now.

This non-governmental, non-profit organization shall not only be remembered by its name, flag, or numbers which identify it. We feel that we have the right and the obligation not to do so, because internet is becoming one of the most constant points of friction. It is the place where the principles upholding the rights of every individual are put to a test day by day, minute by minute.

At the same time, our NGO is one of the trenches of success in the world, present just about everywhere there is an entrepreneurial potential, showing by its actions, its daily example, that in the present conditions of humanity people can develop and advance, both individually and collectively.

Of all the burning problems to be dealt with, some are of special significance for us, which we feel must be solved first — to maintain peaceful coexistence among the World’s citizens;

·         Accelerating research on best practice regarding future technologies

·         Upholding closer exchange between nations and individuals

·         Ensure that the Idea of technology fortune is a step forward in the human history

·         Invite all decision-makers to inspire young people about the Ideas of united nations and the opportunities of a cooperating world

·         Supporting the European Union, UN and other promoters of the ideals and goals of young generations

·         Much progress has been made in these fields worldwide.

·         World’s top scientific research and development shall not be limited to the powerful if we want to ensure an advancement.

Peaceful coexistence must be exercised among all of us, regardless of our background, regardless of the previous relations, and regardless of the problems that may arise among some of us at a given moment.

We want to make clear once again that our concern for the Earth’s future is based on the ties that unite us: the language we speak, the multi-culture we maintain, and common issues.

WE are #JBSEurope. An NGO in exchange with governments and corporations, aiming to harmonize life of existing generations with the technological shift in human society.