Digital Comics

The aim of the Digital Comics project is to help individuals effectively use an alternative instructional medium for learning about the latest technological advancements which influence the everyday life of humans to a high degree. Digital Comics is an interactive, multimedia version of the printed comic books. They combine text and imagery as well as hypermedia and streaming elements. The Digital Comics project places readers into a position close to spectators and players, rather than just information receivers, thereby engaging them in the learning process and motivating them to proceed. The project partners are teachers designing learning scenarios where learners will have the opportunity to experience stories which explain and demonstrate the subject of its topic in a comprehensible way, that they then revise, share and use the gained knowledge to their benefit and to the benefit of others.


The project collects and publishes the best practice on how individual learners can exploit this instructional medium that clearly is appealing to young minds. Online and print-based material available worldwide in various languages shall be developed in order to promote and introduce this medium to the brighter target group on an international level.

WE are #JBSEurope. An NGO in exchange with governments and corporations, aiming to harmonize life of existing generations with the technological shift in human society.